• Provide short term of corrosion resistant before apply coating.

ALFA 2200 Rust Inhibitor (Chromium-based)

Application : Immersion/Spray

ALFA 2200 is a chromium-based metal passivator normally used as final rinse for phosphated substrate.ALFA 2200 convert phosphated substrate to a more passive state.

ALFA 2211 Rust Inhibitor (Non-chromium based)

Application : Immersion/Spray

A replacement for hazardous & carcinogen chromium-based ALFA 2200. ALFA 2211 may be used as a final seal in phosphatizing systems to prevent flash rusting.  

ALFA 2211S Rust Inhibitor

Application : Immersion/Spray

ALFA 2211S is an alkanolamine based rust inhibitor.Iron salts residues remaining on substrate surface after derusting process will be converted into complex iron salts and removed by ALFA 2211S.