Paint Remover

ALFA 5000 Alkaline Paint Stripper

Application : Immersion

ALFA 5000 is an environment friendly paint stripper. Contains no methylene chloride and halogen solvent. ALFA 5000 removes almost all painted and powder coated metals, including some hard-to-remove paints such as epoxy primer. It is safe on aluminum, zinc, magnesium and some plastics without corrosion.

ALFA 5010 Alkaline Paint Stripper

Application : Immersion

Contains no methylene chloride and halogen solvent. High alkalinity, not suitable to use on aluminum and zinc parts.

ALFA 5100 Paint Stripper

Application : Immersion

Methylene Chloride based paint stripper. Does not contain phenol.Acid activated, fast acting, but not recommended to use on plastics.

ALFA 5200 Paint Stripper

Application : Immersion/Brush-on

Viscous paint stripper, clings to vertical surfaces easily. Water-rinseble.

ALFA 5300 Paint Stripper

Application : Immersion

An acid accelerated cold stripper specifically designed to remove epoxy powder coatings from steel components. Inhibited formulation to minimise the chemical attact on aluminum surfaces.

ALFA 5310 Paint Stripper (Plastic Safe)

Application : Immersion

Specially formulated to strip off paint from plastic surface. Will not damage plastic surface. Can be used on metal parts as well, but not as efficient as methylene chloride based paint stripper.