Zinc Phosphating
  • Provide long lasting corrosion resistant
  • Provide an excellent adhesion foundation for paints and coatings.
  • To provide an excellent base for lubricants and drawing compounds.

ALFA 2100 Zinc Phosphate

Application : Immersion/Spray

ALFA 2100 forms a non-metallic, fine-grained and crystalline coating of zinc phosphate on steel and iron surface to provide an excellent base for painting.

ALFA 2110 Zinc Phosphate

Application : Immersion/Spray

Forms smooth Zinc Phosphate coating on ferrous surface. Provide a superior bonding for painting. 

ALFA 2130 Calcium Zinc phosphate

Application : Immersion/Spray

Forms a calcium-modified zinc phosphate coating on ferrous surface. Lower coating weight, lower consumption and less phosphate sludge.

ALFA 2111 ZinCoat

Application : Immersion/Spray/Brush-On

Forms a zinc phosphate coating on cleaned ferrous surface with no water rinsing required.

ALFA 2150 Zinc Phosphate

Application : Immersion/Spray

Internal accelerated zinc phosphate, single package, easier to control, as easy as iron phosphating.


ALFA 7000 Accelerator

ALFA 7000 is a nitrite based accelerator for zinc phosphating solution.

Surface Conditioner

ALFA 7100 Surface Conditioner

ALFA 7100 is a conditional agent promotes the formation of a finely crystalline phosphate coating.